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TOFU the Vegan Zombie key chain



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TEDDY SCARES KEY CHAIN (Tofu the Vegan Zombie )


Tofu the Vegan Zombie Tofu is a friendly zombie, created from a botched experiment in Professor Vost's laboratory. Monkey # 5, one of Vost's lab animals, stuffed a block of tofu into the zombie boy's open skull after accidentally losing the brain. As a result, Tofu eats only vegetables and grains and has no taste for human meat. However, if Tofu ever loses his "tofu-brain", he turns into a dangerous zombie creature, craving human flesh. 


Unlock the zombie mystery with a Tofu Monster Mouth Keychain! 


Created by a scientist looking to rid the world of the carnivorous undead, Tofu is a friendly, produce-eating monster. When you push his belly, Tofu's ravenous mouth opens wide for veggies! 


Admit it. You lusted for them. You displayed them. You slept with them every night. And then, one day, you dumped your teddy bear.  Maybe it’s vengeance that turns teddy bears into Teddy Scares. Nevertheless, they’re back from the dead, and they’re pissed. 


They used to be cuddly and cute. But no more. ONCE SOFT AND CUDDLY, NOW DEAD AND BLOODY.

Each adorable aberration is 4” tall, irresistibly plush and grossly attired in real fabric clothing with push open mouth. 


Not recommended for children under age 3. May be too scary for some children. Parental discretion advised.